Web Copy


Total website rewrite for an attorney specializing in viatical settlements for life insurance policies, including video script

VHDA Newsletter Article


Total site content rewrite and all blog posts in 2015 and 2016 ghostwritten for the company’s owner.

ChildFund (formerly Christian Children’s Fund)

ChildLabor – page 1

ChildLabor- page 2

Mary Washington Healthcare – Sleep Medicine Specialists

This is the home page. View the rest of the Sleep Medicine Specialists site.



The following two examples were part of a series of Web posts created when Pfizer Consumer Products initially dipped its toe into the waters of social media. (The consumer products division was ultimately sold off.)



Momma, Don’t Let Your Babies be Tech Writers


Indispensable Odds and Ends for Travelers

USAToday.com (under the pseudonyn Karen Ellen)

Cost of Shipping Luggage Ahead to Destination


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