How to Work Like a CAT

Published by Willow Creek Press; Minocqua, Wisconsin; 2006.

A full-color, illustrated gift book whose workable strategies for maintaining a sense of dignity and self-respect in the workplace are presented tongue-in-cheek with cats.

Mastering English Skills for Word Processing

Published by Arco; New York; 1983.

A workbook on punctuation, usage, spelling, and grammar to help adult business writers improve their English skills. Out of print, but library copies occasionally surface.


If you have a great book idea but feel intimidated by taking on such a large project, working with a ghostwriter may be the answer.

Karen has ghostwritten for many non-writers, and can assist you in completing your book. She can also advise you on the best way to introduce it to the world, whether to self-publish or try to gain the attention of literary agents and traditional publishers.

Contact Karen to discuss your idea.


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