From a magazine editor…

Karen Wormald is a thorough, meticulous and creative writer, and a valuable contributor to Office Solutions and PC Solutions magazines. It’s a real asset working with a writer who never misses a deadline and consistently submits well-written, clean copy.

Scott Cullen
Managing Editor, Office Solutions
Editor, PC Solutions

From a memoirist…

Dear Karen,

Now that Making Waves is going to press, I want to say what a help you were to me getting the book into its best form. You went well beyond the proofreading job for which I signed you up.

One of the things that came as such a pleasant surprise was your nudging of the time line into its correct sequence — not an easy task in a manuscript that uses a flash-back and flash-forward format. You were able to see and correct the smallest discrepancies.

Additionally, your frank (but kindly worded) opinion about parts of the text you thought could be stronger/clearer was a tremendous help. You even took the time to suggest alternative wording in places.

It was quite obvious to me throughout the process that you are a writer. Your approach to the job was one of such total vision that I came to rely on you from a creative standpoint, not just a proofing one. Yet, in the midst of the most complicated observations, your communication was clear and concise.

Thank you for terrific results, and please refer prospective clients to me who would like more information.

Or better yet, suggest they read Making Waves because the proof is in the pudding.

Best regards,
Libby Brown
Author, Making Waves

From an editing client…

Your rewrite on my letter got VDOT’s (Virginia Dept. of Transportation’s) quick response on my recommendations to improve driver safety at a big construction site near three schools. They’re now leveling the road bed and reducing the speed limit. Great job! Thanks again!

Bob Maldoven
Secure Image Corporation

From a brochure client…

Hi, Karen,

Here are our wonderful new “patient information” brochures. Everybody just loves the changes. I’ve enclosed a copy of the old brochure just so you can see how truly impoved it is.

Thanks again!
Melissa L.
Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery

From another brochure client…

Well, if ever a silk purse was made… you’ve done it!

I think this sounds great — and I’m very impressed with the quick turnaround, the voice, and the amount of real content. Thanks so much for the great work.

Carol R.
Beatley Gravatt Communications

From a reader of “Around the Watercooler” in Office Solutions

Dear Karen Wormald:

I recently repeatedly read your article in Office Solutions about WHEN YOUR BOSS IS A BULLY.

I appreciate the sentence you wrote, “Exposing a bully sounds risky, but it’s vital to your recovery.” I know of a situation and would be very, very appreciative of other articles you may have to share.

Gail B.

From a client in healthcare…

You are a lovely person to work with and I am always happy to send you work because I know that what comes back is 100% dependable. I don’t have to have any second thoughts about it. (My manager) feels the same way, too. I should have added that you are a valuable resource to any company.

Cindy D.


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