If writing, editing, or proofreading employee or customer newsletters are dreaded chores on your to-do list, you need a newsletter guru on tap who can free you for projects that are in your wheelhouse.

Karen has helped to produce well over 1,000 issues of daily, monthly, and quarterly publications, so enlist her expertise in providing whatever level of service your organization needs:

  • Gathering information, conducting interviews, and writing articles from scratch
  • Soliciting articles written by in-house contributors and helping them develop ideas
  • Coaching inexperienced contributors in writing and polishing their articles
  • Editing articles written in-house
  • Getting management review and approval on content (so you don’t have to)
  • Formatting and organizing the material for the graphic designer to save time and expense on layout
  • Proofreading the final product to ensure it’s error-free

Your publications are always professional and never generic. Readers can’t tell they’re produced by an outsider because they read like a labor of love by a highly knowledgeable employee.

The bonus of having Karen work on your newsletters is that she learns about your company’s products, services, activities, and corporate culture and becomes a resource for other types of writing projects when you need someone with cross-departmental contacts and broad perspective.

Here are some PDF examples of Karen’s work:


Bimonthly print newsletter for employees of Henrico Doctors’ Hospital (Richmond, Va.)


Quarterly print magazine for physicians of Henrico Doctors’ Hospital (Richmond, Va.)

Open Door

Quarterly print newsletter for employees of UDR (Highlands Ranch, Col.)

Check Up

Monthly online newsletter for physicians of Mary Washington Healthcare (Fredericksburg, Va.)

ALWAYS in the Know

Monthly online newsletter for employees of Stafford Hospital (Stafford, Va.)

Quick Takes

Daily online newsletter for employees of Mary Washington Hospital (Fredericksburg, Va.)


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