Forget the Pudding, the Proof’s in the Wording

There’s nothing more embarrassing — and potentially damaging — to your business than poorly written marketing materials, internal publications, and Web content. These examples show how your documents produced in-house can be polished by a pro to sharpen the message:

Concise & Compelling
Ad Agency Direct Mail Appeal to Car Dealerships

Before After
I am writing to let you know about the new
strategic partnership between Local Ad Agency, a full service advertising and marketing communications agency and XYZ Television, one
of the top video production companies. This partnership was created in order to develop breakthrough automotive advertising that will
allow dealerships to standout to your potential customers on today’s over saturated airwaves.
With the combination of experience, talent and technology that Local Ad Agency and XYZ has brought together it will be hard to find a better combination of value and quality.  If you have any interest in discussing how our services can benefit your dealership please don’t hesitate to call us at 804-555-0000, just ask for Jack or Gary.
I’m writing because you need to know about a new strategic partnership between Local Ad Agency and XYZ Television that’s going to change auto dealership advertising in your area.

We’ve teamed with XYZ to develop advertising that will make your potential customers take notice and remember your dealership, even though today’s airwaves are saturated with ads. With the combined experience, talent, and technology of Local Ad Agency and XYZ, you’ll have a hard time finding a better mix of value and quality.

To see how we can help your dealership move your inventory, call Jack or Gary at 804-555-0000.

Clear & Reader-Friendly
Investment Services Firm Brochure to Clients

Before After
About Our Firm and Its Investment Advisory Services

Our firm provides diverse financial planning, accounting, and advisory services (including investment advisory services) to individuals, families, trusts, estates, corporations and other business entities, affiliated professionals, pension and profit sharing plans, and other clients. The Corporation’s services are negotiated on a flexible basis based upon client needs and objectives as defined specifically by written contract with the client.

Our Firm and Its Services

We provide diverse financial planning, accounting, and investment advisory services to:

  • individuals
  • families
  • trusts
  • estates
  • corporation and other business entities
  • affiliated professionals
  • pension and profit-sharing plans

Our services are flexibly negotiated, based on your needs, and clearly defined in a written contract.

Conversational & Informative
Hospital Employee Newsletter Article

Before After
Age-Specific Teaching Considerations
(1-5 year olds)
Patient education must be age-appropriate. Tips for age-appropriate education will be presented in this and future issues; stay tuned!

  • This age group views hospitalization as punishment and has poor body concept.
  • Provide more explanation, use play to enhance learning, and use positive reinforcement such as stickers, etc.
Make Learning Fun for Small Children

Children ages 1-5 view hospitalization as punishment, and they have poor body concept. It’s important to provide them with clear and frequent explanations and to use play to enhance learning. They also respond well to positive reinforcement such as stickers and other rewards that mark their progress.The most effective patient education is age-appropriate. Stay tuned for more tips on educating patients of all ages.


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