Links to PDFs of some of Karen’s magazine columns and feature articles:

Virginia Town & City Magazine (residential redevelopment) feature:

New Life for an Old School

Credit Union Business (trade publication) column, “BizCom 101”:

Writing on the Job: What’s Talent Got to Do With It?

Make Your Message a Killer with Bullets

Cruise Travel (consumer magazine) feature:

Sailing Back-To-Back

FiftyPlus (consumer magazine for older adults) feature:

Think You’re Not Over the Hill Yet? Try Getting Hired

Intele-Card News (trade publication for the prepaid card industry)

Stretching Ad Dollars: 5 Copy Tricks for Non-Writers

Cover Story:

Good Disaster Recovery Planning is No Accident

Office Solutions (business magazine) column, “Around the Watercooler”:

When Your Boss is a Bully

Pardon Me, But Your Naked Ambition is Showing


Waistlines vs. the Bottom Line: Dealing with Workplace Obesity

How to Get Read When You Can’t Write

Fair is Fair: Dealing with Single Employees

PC Solutions (consumer technology magazine) features:

21 Tips for Planning Your Vacation Online

Spotting the Red Flags in End User Licensing Agreements

Getting More Life From Your Batteries


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